tasha & giuseppe

The story goes like this: Girl meets Boy. She puts a note in his book in the most elegant cursive writing. Boy uses note as a bookmark. Boy buys her hardcover books on their first date. Girl writes him letters. They fall in love and adventure together.

They share cocoa on benches and walks through union square. They share books, thoughts and songs. They sew up costumes for their pilgrimages to ComicCon. They geek out on the MCU, throw Castlevania watch parties, and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Boy and Girl are getting married in one of their favorite places: New Orleans, Louisiana. Home of voodoo queens and po'boy sandwiches. Home of beignets and crawfish and coffee with chicory. Home of open carry liquor and dancing until dawn.

After COVID canceled their NYC nuptial celebration; they later decided to get married in the romantic place where they shared their first couples trip; New Orleans! They hop on The Knot exploring wedding planners in New Orleans, and here we are in the height of this wonderful wedding celebration! It has been such a joy and an honor to work with such a beautiful couple both inside and out and share in this magical love journey! 

Non-traditional with elegance and a whole lot of sass is heading our way! Stay tuned, Friday, October 28, 2022 will be an evening to remember! 

Photo Credit: Jamerlyn Brown Photography

NYC Meets Nola| 10.28.2022

Maril & Joseph

Words can't truly describe the elegance and charm of this wedding day experience! From the morning preparations to the chill bride groom, parents and bridal party, popping bubbly and enjoying each other's company; to the very end of the evening, this wedding day was a wedding planner's dream. The outdoor ceremony was kissed by some of the best New Orleans weather I have ever experienced. It was a perfect summer evening, with hardly any humidity, maybe 80 degrees with just enough breeze to keep you comfortable. The skies were painted blue with no clouds in sight, as she entered on the white horse driven carriage into the grounds of the best hospitality and charm that has come to be found in the renown Southern Oaks wedding experience. The ceremony was simplistically elegant, understated yet profound; hosting nearly 150 guests from many different parts of the United States. At the close of the ceremony, the bride and groom were surprised with a firework presentation as they rode off into the sunset. The reception at SH never disappoints; and if you haven't tried the food there, I must say, that it is not just a rumor, it's truly a delicious reality like no other! Maril & Joe will always be one of my favorite couples, and I am elated that this Houston couple chose me as their wedding planner and event designer.

Photo Credit: North Photography | Metairie, LA 

The southern oaks experience | 09.08.18

Lacey & Christopher

I have known Lacey all of her life. She has been my little sister for as long as I can remember and fondly calls me T-Cassy! Before she had a mate, she had already enlisted me as her wedding planner! When I  first met Chris and learned that he was planning to propose, I already knew that this union was really something special! 
Lacey and Christopher met in 2020 via Facebook Dating. For the first couple of months they communicated mostly through text and FaceTime because of the pandemic. The two quickly learned that they were meant to be. Fast forward to November 22, 2021, Christopher proposed to Lacey on her 28th birthday and they are both excited to become one in January 2023.
I am always honored and humbled when couples entrust me with their wedding day plans and dreams! But watching Lacey mature into such a fine and respectable young woman, just make this all the more special! Stay tuned for this epic celebration of love and marriage!

an unconventional yet timely Nola native love!| 01.15.2023| locked & loaded

Amanda & Ashton

In this business, with an array of vendors competing for the business of today's couples; I was beyond honored to be asked to be the wedding planner of such a fine couple. Not only has Amanda been apart of my life since she was a child, but I also planned the wedding of her older sister, just a few years prior. This young talented couple were a dream to work with. They had a clear vision, a solid budget and a love union that dated back to when they were both in grade school, which was when they initially met. Fast forward to college, and they run into each other at a school event, and the rest is a match made in heaven! Ashton the gifted drummer musician and Amanda, an accomplished songstress were truly made for each other. The ceremony was everything! As Amanda was being escorted down the aisle with her father, we hand her the cordless mic, and she begins to sing one of my favorite love songs, and I must say, she slays it!  "A couple of Forevers" by Chrisette Michelle. The live band was amazing as they accompany her flawless melody and the guests go nuts in awe of this love union! Her dress was perfect, her shoes were my favorite of any bride; and i've seen some shoes!  Hosting nearly 200 guests on a Sunday afternoon, and the party was like it was Saturday evening on steroids! Thank you Amanda & Ashton for choosing me c/o Elegance by Dezign. The pleasure was all mine! 

Photo Credit: NOLA Hitched Photography

a couple of forevers

joy & carlos

This love extravaganza takes us to the capitol city of Louisiana, in the sweet spot and heart of the city of Baton Rouge. It was your typical summer day, slight overcast but the love connection and joy found in Carlos' eyes was undeniably romantic and inspiring. Carlos is the perfect gentleman, and Joy is every bit her name with the sweetest personality and biggest heart. Together they are your favorite congenial couple that makes every single person in their presence want to fall in love. Joy and Carlos sought out my services a few weeks before the wedding, realizing that a wedding coordinator would make everything a whole lot easier! I gladly accepted and we were indeed happy together! The wedding was elegant and jovial in tone, with nothing but love and best wishes surrounding them. Carlos is a jokester and kept the guests laughing with his money moves on the dance floor and Joy simply could not get enough of her groom! She smiled and laughed the whole evening, and I am pretty sure her jaws were hurting by the end of their wedding day. Every one had a great time and I am blessed to have shared in this love experience. Thank you Joy and Carlos for choosing me! Their love is amazing and I wish them many more years of happiness!

Photo Credit: Quiana Wright  

capitol city love | 08.05.17

Ashtin & Lacardio

One of my favorite ceremonies and receptions to date. Although we had a few ups an downs along the way, which is normal in my world, the undeniable love connection between Ashtin and Cardi was truly a blessing to be apart of! Ashtin, an accomplished songstress and American Idol contestant alum, sung an old school Anita Baker song, "Caught up in the Rapture of Love" as she walked down the aisle of the Presidential Palace in Kenner, LA. Executed it flawlessly, and till this day, every time I hear the song I can still hear her singing it! The venue was regal and elegant, the food was amazing; and Ashtin, her groom and family was there for it all! Ceremony hosted a live band and hyped reception where guests dance all night long! Literally! Did I mention the brand new silver ghost Rolls Royce she arrived in? Just top notch class all of the way. 

Ashtin and Cardi are still happily married with 3 beautiful children! Yes! I keep in touch with most of my bride clients, because after you spend so much time communicating with your brides and grooms, by the end of the wedding, you have become family. I will always be their T-Cassy and grateful to have been apart of such an auspicious love occasion! This is why I am still here, 14 years later-- planning weddings, sharing wisdom and embracing the smiles of my client couples! 
Photo Credit: Brandon Neal 

caught up in the rapture| 09.05.15


boone hall plantation

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