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Let's start with the most obvious yet under-represented and biggest myth on why it's important to hire a wedding planner. Your planner is your insurance investment that is the foundation to all of the many elegant proponents that goes into wedding planning. When building a house, you need a foundation; and planning a wedding is no different. A professional wedding planner has access to resources, that many brides aren't even aware of. Let's make a pack--and you tell mom, nanny, and cousin nem' {lol} that they will sit back, relax, and enjoy; and leave it to the professionals. We have years of wisdom and experience that will make your life easier, your wedding will go smoothly, and maximize your ROI {return on your investment}. It is often mind-boggling to me, that couples will spend thousands on videography, photography, and photo booths, and they show up on the day of your wedding; but your planner is so much more: confidante, publicist, budget manager, and experience of reason all rolled into one!  We are vested in your successful outcome and is with you from I just got engaged, to site visits, to cake tastings, the pre-wedding dress location ensuring everything is going as planned to the final second-line! Simply put, we are there from the beginning until the end. I have nothing but the utmost respect for my fellow vendors and the giants of professional artistry and talent that I am blessed to work with in each and every event; because we all go the distance. Nonetheless,  my point lies in the fact that your investment in a planner is equally as important. But don't take my word for it and my 20+ years of planning, and the countless brides that reaped the benefits of the expertise of the art and wisdom of experience and the thousands of dollars saved from frivolous mistakes of the unknown; you hopefully only do this once--so let's do it right the first time.  I would love to be right by your side, but if not me, find the professional planner for you! Your investment depends on it. The Knot's website offers excellent insight into this thesis; so check out this insightful article: Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner—and What to Expect in the Process. You will thank me later!

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Fueled by equal parts of a venti Starbucks peach green tea lemonade and passion, I spend my days creating and crafting the kinds of moments that make you stop, smile and ask time to please slow down. Your story, your love, is beautiful and I can't wait to see these creative, artistic planned moments play out right before your eyes on your wedding day; a day that you will treasure for years to come. I believe in real moments, heartfelt expressions and the elegance of romance. In this exchange we are often reminded of the joy found in the simplest of moments together--and in the smallest graphic detail of your customized design experience!

WEDDING planner & digital graphic artist FOR PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE that LOVE TRUMPS ALL and in the elegance of a custom design experience

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